Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ice Lemon Tea!

Not everyone knows how much i like this drink including my parents and family too. As the matter of fact, it's the world refreshing drink ever! Only certain people do know about it, friends whom I considered really close to me and they all start with the letter "A".

Alam. my long lost bestfriend.

I still remember that evening in my pervios high school. He brought me something I like and a packet of NIPS. That are the most unecpected thing he has ever done to me before. haha usually he was quite predictable and I always knew what he was going to surprise me but that? A simple thing can surprises me and left a mark inside my heart forever. It's the Ice Lemon tea!

Alif, my bestfriend.

He gave me a smile (perhaps an unusual smile) that morning. He look suspicious! I said "what?" he just smile and said "later". whatever then...I was still eating my Doraemon that morning till I didnt even bother anything tha goes around me. My DORAEMON is the world BESTEST kuih ever. hahaha But Later he took something out from his bag and said "nah". I showed him a blank expressions and started to draw a smile on my face. "thanks". i can only said that but in my heart there's a happy music beating loudly. hahaha oh! by the way.. it's the ice lemon tea!

Ayoh, my one and only ayoh.

I was starving. I havent eat and drink. It was a bad day. I got fight with my friends and I was really under stress. I felt the world was turning her back on me. I remember the first message I sent to him that morning:

Me: Ayoh?
Ayoh: Yes. ni ayoh ni. siapa ni?
Me: huhu dah tak kenal mek lagi dah~

He called me at the instance he knew it was me. I told him everything and we met at the cafe. Ayoh is so unexpected. Frankly speaking, I can never predict or guess whta's on his mind. He's too much different from every person i have ever met before. The unexpected thing he did that day was HE TOOK ME TO A HOCKEY GAME! and that night, he bought me Nasi Kerabu! hahaha he always knew how to make my day~

and... for the Ice Lemon Tea part, he didnt exactly knew i liked this drink. he asked me to choose the drink and i chose Ice Lemon Tea. Lipton Ice Lemon Tea. and till now, i havent drink it and it was still on my desk. hahaha

That were the stories that lie behind the Ice Lemon Tea and somehow related to the TRIPLE A.

blinky thinky like it!

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