Friday, April 15, 2011

Non-Stop Action Week!

Holla! Good Morning to the world! This bright sturday morning is a perfect day to write! hik3.

Let's summarise everything this week to make it simple and short before the mood to write fly away~

I went for Pertandingan Pidato Piala Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia. I didn't win but I was totally satisfied with myself. I did my best so that would be a wonderful experience to me to improve myself next time. I will. of course I will. :)

KL is a perfect place to shop. I was in cloud nine. however those two guys had play a great rolesas shop assistants! I was not sure whether that would be a good thing or not. hahaha

"Apa latest fesyen tudung sekarang ni ya?"

"Ko nak tau...jarang org pakai fesyen ni. TUDUNG LABUH"

Smash! that hits me! hahaha

it has been a wonderful journey back then in KL

Just got back from KL and got plenty of works waiting for me
(a) aerobic dance for Puan Puspa's Class
(b) puppet show
(c) Malam P.Ramlee~
(d) Course Work.

It was non-stop action for a week. but I really enjoyed it. Suddenly I felt lazy to write. till then! haha