Monday, November 21, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cikgu Ika

"Bila kat sekolah nanti panggil cikgu, Cikgu Ika ya?"

Nanti cikgu ajar murid-murid Bahasa Melayu...hehehe 
Seronoknya bila orang panggil cikgu:
Cikgu Ika

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taggy Tag

 Rules and regulation:

1. Post this rules
2. Write 11 things about yourself
3. Answer the question the tagger set for you
4. Create 11 new questions for those who you want to tag
5. Choose 11 blogger to be tagged and link them to the post

 The 11 things..about me. :)

  1. I react differently towards the name people use to call me... There are many ways to call me. You can call me Haziqah, Haziq, Aika, Ika and Ziqah. Each name has its own personality and there are different characters behind the name. You'll know different side of me depends on what you call me. "Haziqah" and "Haziq" is matured, responsible, well-organised, focused, hardworker, smart, and multi-talented but when I become "Ika", I changed drastically to someone who love to be pampered, sensitive, naive, love attention, easily cried, and I can easily love someone. But lately.. I like to be call "kakak" by the juniors especially Adek.
  2. Workaholic. I feel very happy when i got something to do and if the job is done I think I'm lonely. I'm a dedicated and good worker and I'm proud of that.
  3. Fragile. I come out strong but easily broken inside but I will always act strong and be strong.
  4. Someone who is born on February 13 is said to be "The Extraordinary" who is ambitious, visionary, loving, and expressive... it is stated on the key-chain Cikgu Radna gave me at least.
  5. I love colours, bright colours. Someone said I am a peacock if happen to be an animal.
  6. I hate loneliness and afraid to be leave by someone.
  7. I love Harry Potter <3
  8. Creative
  9. Very loyal.
  10. Very observant 
  11. I will think more than ten times before I say or type something because I dont want to hurt anyone's feeling.

"A song that match my mood right now"

A sad song perfectly match my mood right now. But I don't know what song. Perhaps "Beribu Sesalan"

"If I am not a teacher, I am a/an ..."

I want to say a teacher but that won't answer the question. I want to be a teacher huhuu~. 
Hmm I'll say something else and that something else is hmm...well magazine editor or graphic designer?

"Dream husband?"

Someone who never leave me and make me laugh. funny..chubby. :)

"Things that I love the most...why?"

Colours, Works, and Appreciation
They make feel better.

"Things that annoys me the most"

People who talk something bad about me.

"3 items in my wishing list"

Handbag, New Clothes and Red high heels.

"Language i wish to speak"

Mandarin. (because of Alice Liong Ger Gian haha)

"Sundae or ABC?"


"How long do i know you"

Long enough Meksya~ haha

"My opinion about you.."

Matured and a good listener.

"Thing that i am shy to say it outloud in front of you"

Meksya...If I am a millionare...I buy you lots fashionable clothes. :) 
Pakaila cantik sikit naaa.. hahahaha dress up a lil bit will you?

These are my questions:
  1. The first thing that come out in your mind when you wake up
  2. Tell me your good qualities
  3. Tell me your bad qualities
  4.  4 common reasons why you dislike someone
  5.  5 personality of someone that you want to be friend with
  6. What flatter you the most
  7. What you fear the most
  8. What do you like to be call
  9. 9 things you want to have
  10. 5 things that you like about me and 5 things that you hate about me. (MUST DESCRIBE)
  11. Your first impression about me and your impressions after you knew me.

These  questions go to:

and I have no others blogger friends..sorry. hehe
Thank you.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

C.A.N.T.I.K bukan untuk semua

Cantik bukan untuk semua orang tapi untuk sesorang sahaja...

Lebih seronok bila orang yang kita sayang puji daripada orang lain puji kan...
Cantik itu untuk seorang sahaja bukan untuk dipamerkan buat semua
yang perlu ditunjukkan ialah kekemasan, kesucian, dan adab dan sopan. :)