Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tribute to Oppa~

Farewell...Oppa ya~
Your body will decay
But your spirits lingers on.
your human friends find solace for the loss they have sustained

Oppa....i'm sorry Oppa. 

I will miss you oppa...i'm sorry.
I will miss your big paws..
I will miss long and big tail..
I will remember when I call you and you came at the instance...
I will remember you sitting on my laps...
I will remember when you follow me everywhere I go..
I will remember you licking my hand...
I will remember your paws touching my hands.

I will remember you oppa...because 
I love You So Much.

 Oppa...I'm sorry. :(

Monday, December 26, 2011

Let's talk about favourite...Colours

Talking about colours.. I love Colours. Bright Colours~! Pale colours sometimes are really sweet. but not dark totally not me. :) 

I love to mix and match some colours; two or three different colours to make my attire attractive, exclusive and classy. It is also to prevent others noticing that I was actually wearing the same attire but with different style. haha  However I have to make sure the combination is harmony and match comfortably with each other.

My mood changes according to what colour I wear on that particular day..Colours bring out the best in me. Colours makes me confident and make up my just makes me comfy. It's true! I don't deny that.

Blue and Pink
(Simply Lovely)

See blue and pink? They do look lovely together. Just simple and sweet as they are... That's my favourite colours! 


Red is the symbol of confident. Striking and confident..
Red is exclusive

However...I'm not strictly constricted to my favourite colours only.
I can still like other Yellow, Purple...and etc.
As long as I am comfortable with them. :)

I once had a dream

I once had a dream..
I want to study abroad.
The world will be much exciting to see different people, places and cultures.
I'll be going places, making friends, and see the different side of the world.

I once had a dream..
That i wil bid my family goodbye
When I finally leaving on a plane
Which will take me thousands miles away from here
To somewhere over the sea
To another part of the world

I once had a dream
I passed my examinaton with flying colours
But it wasnt good enough for the dream I lived on
It just not meant to be

Allah sometimes does not give what I want..
But Allah gives me what I need
He knows everything which is best for me.
I convinced myself it wasn't my rezeki.

Sometimes I look at my friends who study abroad..

I look through their pictures

I see beautiful places and scenery

I see smiles..

I thought "what a wonderful places" they have been

It makes me sad somehow
Deep inside my heart I know I am envy of them..
How lucky they are to have the chance and oppurtunity..

But I look everything around me.
I've got everything I need.
and I thank Allah for everything he gave.

One day..I'l definitely be there.
and the dream...still lived on.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Let's talk about Favourites...Part 1: Movies


There's no doubt about this. I think Everyone noticed it obviously. Hahaha 
Well~ They kept complaining about it. 
They should coz I kept watching them again and again and again. haha
(actually I lost counts on how many times I watch the movies)...

At first I thought only Tia realised and noticed that...hahaha. 
"Hmph! Cita tok gik..xda cita lain."
"Get a life" she said.

Then Alice (my dearest friend) realised too..
"Again?" she said. haha

Then when Holiday begun... Achik also started to complain
"Pasang gik cita lain ika.."
(aiiyaaa, why everyone so uneasy with me doing that. OMG)

Then...the entire HOUSEHOLDS complaining about it~!!! 
Including PAPA. Can u imagine that? 
"Ehmph! Takde cita lain. Pening kepala aku dengar"
Wan also said: "CITA TOK AGIIIKKK??"
Why? Why? Why People Why? merlin's beared! 
I love watching the Series!! I know that this behaviour is somehow call an addiction. People couldnt stand it. Thankfully my crime partner YAYA is on my side. Both of us are in this together. Okay-okay people I'll stop when I'm bored but the question is when? hahaha who knows. My most favourite movie in the world is...jeng3

It's the irrisistable HARRY POTTER Series~!!!

Harry Potter and The Socerer's Stone

Actually I'm not planning to write movie reviews but I think I could use a few words...haha
The first movie of Harry Potter is the most colourful series compared to the others well at least u can see loads of colours rather than black and white or pale blue or pale green the whole time. hahaha Quite relaxing not too much action but I simply like it. It just simply lovely to see young Harry Potter, Hermionie Granger and Ronald Weasely together. How sweet isn't it.. Ron is very cute actually; young and innocent. haha while Hermionie is surely bright young witches in the centuries not to mention Harry Potter who became the "youngest seeker in the centuries" said Ron according to Prof Macgonagal. hahaha
Above all that..this movie is simply the best.

By the way..the socerer's stone is actually belongs to Nicholas Flammel which is able to let the person who owns it to live longer until hundreds of years.

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret

I quite annoyed with Dobby at first despite of his good intention. but he's really a good elf. hahaha and I'm really annoyed with Prof. Gilderoy Lockhart. He's totally a snob and only taking credits at what other wizards have done..I bet Hermionie is better than him when she stopped "freshly caught Cornish pixies" with "Immobulus" spell.. haha

I learn Parseltounge too. It's really trully cool. "haaayakhaassaaa haayakhaasssiyeth" hahaha I think it's true...Ron and Harry hardly survived if it wasnt because of Hermionie. She's brilliant!

Anyway..Chamber of Secrets is a secret room build by Salazar Slytherin. There lies Basilisk, an extremely gigantic monstorous snake which kills anyone who stares its eyes at the instance. 

Salazar Slytherine hates muggle-born. He disagreed with Godric Griffyndor, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff on accepting the admission of muggleborn to Hogwards. Thus, he kept the Basiliks in the chamber to finish his "noble purpose" of killing all the Muggle-born students at Hogwarts. Well it's only the matter of Blood Purity thingy...

In this series, Harry Potter destroyed the first Hocrux that is Tom Riddle's Diary.

 Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

There..there Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban. Harry Potter's Godson. "finally the flesh reveals the madness" hahaha From this onwards, this film starterd to grow "darker" hahaha. Hermionie..she's growing beutifully. Hey~! Buckbead is cool though and Hagrid made a good teacher...haha 

i think it's the best to kill Pettigrew when he still in the rat form. But it's least Hermionie and Harry Saved the innocents' lives. :)

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Doesn't She beautiful? She's gorgeous and bautiful simply sweet, with that elegant and intelligent look. She nailed it! Emma Watson is awesome!!!!!!! Actually I like Hermionie the most in this film not Harry Potter. AND!!! I prefer Ron than Harry himself. But I cant deny that the three of them made a great team like the three musketeers. Harry with his bravery and talent...Hermionie with her intelligent and bright mind, and Ron..just charming as he is. It will be completely dull without Ron in the team. He's innocent hahaha  

hey~ hey~ wait. Did I just like Hermionie more than the MAIN CHARACTER himself? err..Hell yeah~! haha Sorry Harry..but still you're the chosen one. Like I said they made a perfect picture.

This film Is one of the best and full with excitement and actions in an outrageous competition! I wonder how she has done it? Imagining those brilliant things and creatures and actions...
J.K. Rowling is seriously the best novelist in the centuries. She's brilliant! 
She created the unexpected. 

Oh yeah.. Lord Voldermort last

Harry Potter and The Order of Pheonix

Harry Potter always Pissed Off in this movie! I hate it when he kept getting angry and mad all the time. Pity Ron and Hermionie. They are just trying to help. But I didnt blame Harry for his moody behaviour. Let's look at the facts:

1. He was accused to be a liar
2. Few believed him that Voldemort has returned.
3. Dumbledore, the person he trusted the most ignored him
4. His blood already  mixed with Voldemort's.
5. Voldemort somehow penetrated his mind.
6. The presence of Dolores Umbridge in Hogwarts

Loads of conflicts happened in this film. It's teribbly awful, a dillemma, a scandal. Things started to be complicated and rather difficult in here. Put yourself in Harry's'll act exactly the same or worse hopefully better.

The Order of Pheonix is actually a secret society Dumbledore created to defeat or to fight the dark lord.  Poor Sirius Black died in this film. Huhuu I think Harry Potter meant to see everyone he loves died right before his eyes. Poor Harry Potter...he is very strong indeed.
 Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

Draco joined th Death Eater and found a secret passage to Hogwarts through the vanishing cabinets in Borgin and Burkes..He try to let the death eaters into the Hogwarts.

At the beginning of the story Harry and Ron turns out quite naughty and they are happy about it. They joined Prof. Slughorn's Potion Class which is actually like a chemistry class of course..haha and Harry found an old potion textbook in the cabinet which belongs to the Half-Blood Prince. The question is who is the Half-blood Prince? Drop it first...

Harry turns out to be the best in the class which is better than Hermionie because the book somehow is different with other book and the instuructions are also different becaus they have been altered by the half-blood prince.

Dumbledore died at the end of the story. Actully He's dying too. Snape made it easier for him as requested in order to gain  the Dark Lord's trust. but no one knows. the important thing is Harry figure it out how to kill Voldemort and the next adventure is out there; hunting the hocruxes.

And tadaaaa...."You dare used my spell against me. Yes, I'm the Half-Blood Prince" Said Severus Snape. Snape is the half-Blood Prince!!!!

OMG. am I writting a short synopsys??? These are not a few words!! 

Ok2.. Last but not least...

Harry fell in love with Genie and Hermionie fell in love too with Ron. and I love the Weaslys....hahaha

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow

Part 1
The end begins....there's conflicts and arguments among themselves. But they actually find their way back to each other at the end. In this part they started to hunt hocruxes. A real adventure. I love Hermionie..always be the brightest one. She's highly logical. I admire Ron's courage and sacrifices and Harry too...perhaps he was a lil bit impatient but the situation urged him to be that way. Glad Hermionie is there. She has been a great help!

I found that the 1st part isvery interesting especially the story of The Deathly Hallows was originally told by Beedle the Bard.

"Hundreds of years ago, the three Peverell brothers were travelling at twilight, and reached a river too dangerous to cross. The three brothers, being trained in the magical arts, simply waved their wands and created a bridge across the river. They were then stopped by Death himself, who felt cheated that they had gotten across the river, as most travelers drowned in it. Death then congratulated them on being clever enough to evade him, and offered each of them a powerful magical item. 

The first brother, Antioch Peverell, wished to have the most powerful wand; Death broke a branch off a nearby tree and created for him the Elder Wand, a wand more powerful than any other in existence. 

The second brother, Cadmus Peverell, wanted to humiliate Death even further, and wished to have the power to bring loved ones from the grave; Death then took a stone from the riverbed and created for him the Resurrection Stone, a stone capable of bringing the dead back to the living world. 

The third brother, Ignotus Peverell, who was a humble man, asked to go on from the river without being followed by Death; Death then gave him his own Cloak of Invisibility, an invisibility cloak that never lost its power through curses or age.

The three legendary objects, (the cloak, the wand and the stone) together make up the Deathly Hallows."

Interseting right?!! They sure did.

Part 2:

It all ends...sad isn't it huhuu at least for me.. Everything turned out good I supposed. But many had died. It was loads of heroic moments when all of them united and fought the Dark Lord's army. I love the part when ron's mom killed Bellatrix Lestrange and when neville longbottom slaughtered Nagini... it was the coolest part ever...but when the u know who's just ended. hahaha Harry Potter films had came to an end. full stop. Poof. huhuuu that's why I hate watchj the last part..but It's all worth at last...

To be honest I never read the books! Huhuuu Shame on me. But I will. I will and I will. Harry Potter is phenomenal~!!!! The great imagination ever. 

Till then.. when I talk about favourite again.

Nite2 <3

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's not fair when you do that...

You're not fair.
It seemed I'm the only one who cares.
And you said who cares?

I'm not the kind of person who keep boasting about "the love of their life" or "things they bought", What I normally do talk about people I like (friends only) in a way I see them but only good things and never bad things. 

I will never talk about you...because. You're someone special that I cannot share you with the world or even anyone else. but actually...WHO CARES and YOU NEVER CARE. You never know how you mean a great deal to someone like me. Who cares right?? It's a real silly thing to do...

At least. I Care a lot... about you.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Help reading this.

Dengar ya..saya tak slalu bercakap di sini cuma hari ini saya nak bercakap di sini.

Saya punya hobi. Hobi ini dilakukan ketika saya tida melakukan apa2. hahaha. saya sungguh skema. tapi inilah hakikatnya. Skema betol. Ehm..ehm..ehm saya suka stalk blog org. sy suka baca cerita orang. saya suka memerhatikan orang. ya. saya suka pada manusia. kadang2 saya tergelak sendiri, termasuk mengkritik dan menilai, tapi terima kasih kepada manusia kerana menceriakan hidup saya.

Pada pendapat saya, saya suka dengan kehidupan saya...walaupun orang lain rasa saya mempunyai kehidupan yang bosan. saya pasti itu. saya ada banyak kawan...tapi tak ramai kawan saya gemar mencari saya. saya pun tak tahu kenape. kadang-kadang saya rasa dipinggirkan, tapi saya tak salahkan mereka kerana saya percaya setiap penerimaan manusia itu berbeza atau mungkin memang saya tidak pandai berkawan. so dear reader..please help me give your opinion.

Dulu cikgu saya cakap kepada saya: "Bila awak masuk dalam sebuah kumpulan, having a great time and then when you left, everything will still be the same. They are still laughing without you. you dont make any differences in their life. Awak ada ke awak takde ke sama sahaja."
Betul ke? Saya rasa sedih. tapi itu hakikat...saya kena terima.

Saya tegur semua orang. saya bukan kera sumbang. atau kawan-kawan merasakan saya ni suka mengasingkan diri. Adakah saya ni bosan orangnya.

Saya suka memerhatikan orang and i know i mentioned that already. Nilah orang yang saya suka perhatikan.


Orangnya simple-minded. Carefree is the berst word to define her. haha Tia ialah roomate saya. kadang-kadang saya jeleskan dia. haha (mengaku ni) people always looking for her. sometimes I am comparing myself to her. Everytime when somone knocks at our door, they will definitely looking for her not me. I envy her. So dear reader, this is the conversation that happens in her life and mine:
"Tehah, ko dah makan..jom makan"
"polah apa ya"
"Tehah..jom keluar"
"Tehah..jom tengok TV"

and this is what happened to me:
"Hajiiiqq...cikgu cari kamu."
"Hajiiiq can you check my paperwork"
"Haziq dah siap kerja ka?"

And it's all about work. So my dear friends, that's what i like about WORKING and WORKS, because eventually someone will come knocking at my door and looking for me. Isn't it nice to feel needed. ^__^ at least it is for someone like me. But what I really envy about her is..people looking for Tia to have fun, anytime...but me, when P.S.R ended, when there is no work...i kept waiting for someone to knock at the door and says, "Haziq..let's watch movie". It's not their faults at all. Maybe hopefully just maybe...i'm not fun to be with. is just my assumption.


I like her. eventhough sometimes she really knows how to put up a fight with me..haha She's bubbly. Everyone likes her including me and I know I mentioned it already. To be honest...frankly speaking I admire her very much. She's just someone people love to be with. She is simple, sweet, funny, and extremely friendly. hmm...Life is like a camera, she always faces it with a smile, no matter how hard it was she managed to do it. Hmm. She's great and i know that.

Kak Sumi...

Kak Sumi macam doraemon...semua orang akan rujuk pada kak sumi, mintak pendapat kak sumi, menangis, dan ketawa bersama kak sumi. Title kakak pada kak sumi sangat merujuk kepada karekter. Though, she can be childish at the same time. Walaupun setiap bilik kat asrama tu taklah sebesar mana, bilik kak sumi tu macam dewan parlimen tempat orang bersidang. She's just fun to be with... haha

Kak May

Always adorabale and sweet as she can be. She doesn't need to crack jokes or something, people will always laugh because of her. Can be serious but still she's very much alive and happy-go-lucky type. People like her you know. People just like her the way she is. There's no way she would have enemies. Impossible..hahaha She's very good in sports. 


The most mysterious person in class. People love mysteries and therefore people love her. She is very hard to solve. Hmm...but she's beautiful, really beautiful. I guess beautiful people is like that. haha


Sweet girl. Very polite. Humble.. Even Madam Tay referring her as "manusia elok" haha. Dia memang elok. A perfect score for a young lady. :)


Pandai mengurut. haha Jijah sangat rajin...sangat rajin. Very well-organized. Funny despite her serious look. She's really funny....and also lovable.Very easy to love. Motherly. hahaha What else could I say..everybody loves JIJAH. Go mak~! haha Cikgu Amy likes Jijah he likes the way she speaks.. hahaaaa. Me too.


I missed her. My playmate. My lovely princess. I love her. But...I felt lonely lately. and I miss her eventhough she's right in front of me.



hmm.. who knows what the descriptions will be.

Something I learn in this life...
People like funny people.
People love people who is fun to be with.
People do not prefer me. haha

Is it too much for u dear reader, if I ask your opinion about me? am i really borring?
I know I'm not anyone's favourite but i just need a friend to tell me the truth...
I don't ask you to accept me,
I'm just asking you to help me to be accepted as a friend.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cikgu Ika

"Bila kat sekolah nanti panggil cikgu, Cikgu Ika ya?"

Nanti cikgu ajar murid-murid Bahasa Melayu...hehehe 
Seronoknya bila orang panggil cikgu:
Cikgu Ika

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taggy Tag

 Rules and regulation:

1. Post this rules
2. Write 11 things about yourself
3. Answer the question the tagger set for you
4. Create 11 new questions for those who you want to tag
5. Choose 11 blogger to be tagged and link them to the post

 The 11 things..about me. :)

  1. I react differently towards the name people use to call me... There are many ways to call me. You can call me Haziqah, Haziq, Aika, Ika and Ziqah. Each name has its own personality and there are different characters behind the name. You'll know different side of me depends on what you call me. "Haziqah" and "Haziq" is matured, responsible, well-organised, focused, hardworker, smart, and multi-talented but when I become "Ika", I changed drastically to someone who love to be pampered, sensitive, naive, love attention, easily cried, and I can easily love someone. But lately.. I like to be call "kakak" by the juniors especially Adek.
  2. Workaholic. I feel very happy when i got something to do and if the job is done I think I'm lonely. I'm a dedicated and good worker and I'm proud of that.
  3. Fragile. I come out strong but easily broken inside but I will always act strong and be strong.
  4. Someone who is born on February 13 is said to be "The Extraordinary" who is ambitious, visionary, loving, and expressive... it is stated on the key-chain Cikgu Radna gave me at least.
  5. I love colours, bright colours. Someone said I am a peacock if happen to be an animal.
  6. I hate loneliness and afraid to be leave by someone.
  7. I love Harry Potter <3
  8. Creative
  9. Very loyal.
  10. Very observant 
  11. I will think more than ten times before I say or type something because I dont want to hurt anyone's feeling.

"A song that match my mood right now"

A sad song perfectly match my mood right now. But I don't know what song. Perhaps "Beribu Sesalan"

"If I am not a teacher, I am a/an ..."

I want to say a teacher but that won't answer the question. I want to be a teacher huhuu~. 
Hmm I'll say something else and that something else is hmm...well magazine editor or graphic designer?

"Dream husband?"

Someone who never leave me and make me laugh. funny..chubby. :)

"Things that I love the most...why?"

Colours, Works, and Appreciation
They make feel better.

"Things that annoys me the most"

People who talk something bad about me.

"3 items in my wishing list"

Handbag, New Clothes and Red high heels.

"Language i wish to speak"

Mandarin. (because of Alice Liong Ger Gian haha)

"Sundae or ABC?"


"How long do i know you"

Long enough Meksya~ haha

"My opinion about you.."

Matured and a good listener.

"Thing that i am shy to say it outloud in front of you"

Meksya...If I am a millionare...I buy you lots fashionable clothes. :) 
Pakaila cantik sikit naaa.. hahahaha dress up a lil bit will you?

These are my questions:
  1. The first thing that come out in your mind when you wake up
  2. Tell me your good qualities
  3. Tell me your bad qualities
  4.  4 common reasons why you dislike someone
  5.  5 personality of someone that you want to be friend with
  6. What flatter you the most
  7. What you fear the most
  8. What do you like to be call
  9. 9 things you want to have
  10. 5 things that you like about me and 5 things that you hate about me. (MUST DESCRIBE)
  11. Your first impression about me and your impressions after you knew me.

These  questions go to:

and I have no others blogger friends..sorry. hehe
Thank you.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

C.A.N.T.I.K bukan untuk semua

Cantik bukan untuk semua orang tapi untuk sesorang sahaja...

Lebih seronok bila orang yang kita sayang puji daripada orang lain puji kan...
Cantik itu untuk seorang sahaja bukan untuk dipamerkan buat semua
yang perlu ditunjukkan ialah kekemasan, kesucian, dan adab dan sopan. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Golden D.I.N.N.E.R

Golden Satin Shawl

  Walking in golden heels

At the 5-Star Hotel

with my precious 

ayoh, mekda, and yaya. :)

and friends...

Now see heart = nasihat. :)

Aku punya keinginan. Aku punya hati
Aku punya harapan. Aku punya impian.
Aku mahu Be"BLOG" hahaha

 (ada ala2 "i shall revenge" tak Fah Adaha hahaha)

Selama ini aku menjalankan kewajipanku sebagai blog stalker. 
(takde keja ke? ada laaa pada masa lapang sahaja laaa). 

Meskipun aku ada blog, aku tak be"blog" SEBABNYA 
asal aku mula menaip mesti kepala dan mindaku buntu. aish.  =__="

sekarang pun sudah. tapi targetku mesti mengepost apa yg aku tulis ini. yeah. 
(tak berfaedah sungguh

untuk menjadikannya berfaedah aku ada satu kata-kata hikmah
(berhemah la sangat). 

dengar ya.. dengar ya..
(sambil tersengih aku menulisnya setelah menimba pengalaman sebagai blog stalker haha)

Hidup ini bukan hanya berkisar tentang cinta. 
Jangan menjadi hamba cinta.

Kalau dah kena tinggal move on je la. buang terus. nama pun break up kan? break je lah... dah la~! enough. buat apa dikenang!!! jangan disebut laaaa... untuk apa? nak menangis. bole..apa salahnya. tapi tak payahla tunjuk yang kita menangis.  

Act cool! Be cool!

Ya. memang kita kana menangis. Ya memang kita akan teringat.
Ya memang kita akan mencari.

ini bukan drama korea~! 

Terimala hakikat. DIA TAKKAN KEMBALI.
takde maknanya berharap masa ini. kita je yang meletakkan harapan yang kononnya dia akan kembali laa..mintak jodoh laa. hahaha

sesukar mana, sepayah mana, sesakit manapun.. Ko kena teruskan kehidupan jugak. tak payahlah asyik mengeluh. tak perlulah asyik melihat ke belakang. Jangan menyesal. dah dia memang bukan untuk kita? memang tuhan dah merencanakan orang yang terbaik untuk kita.

 (tgk macam toyota. sebab dia moving forward la dia maju~!)

Jangan la jadi transparent sangat. sedih tunjuk. menangis tunjuk. the other side dok gelak-gelak kat kita. Tak payah semua tu. mintak simpati ke? tak pelu.

 kalau puss in boots yang buat takpela.. kalau donkey

alahai comel gak tapi reaksi orang lain macam kat bawah ni:

guard tu cakap: eew! let's kill him
(Shrek the Third. Watch this part...)
Ingatlaa bukan semua orang comel macam puss in the boot. bukan semua adorable.
adorable itu suatu anugerah tetapi 
buat-buat adorable itu mengundang fitnah 

Ko akan melalui zaman gelap. putus cinta sakit dik ooi..sape cakap tak sakit. tapi masa tu baru ingat tuhan. ni la manusia. HIPOKRIT. kita ni hamba-Nya yang lupa tapi masih meminta-minta. aku pun sama. cepat sangat kita tak ingat tuhan sedangkan tuhan ingat sokmo kat kita. huhuuu jahilnya diri.

Last but not least:
When you break up. Leave everything behind. Act Cool. Be Cool.

Aku cakap...sebab aku tahu macam mana sakitnya. =__=" haish
namun aku bangga aku berjaya mengahrunginya~!
with flying colours.

aku bukan orang alim yang selayaknya memberi nasihat tetapi aku cuba untuk menjadi realistik.
berpijaklah di bumi yang nyata.