Monday, December 26, 2011

Let's talk about favourite...Colours

Talking about colours.. I love Colours. Bright Colours~! Pale colours sometimes are really sweet. but not dark totally not me. :) 

I love to mix and match some colours; two or three different colours to make my attire attractive, exclusive and classy. It is also to prevent others noticing that I was actually wearing the same attire but with different style. haha  However I have to make sure the combination is harmony and match comfortably with each other.

My mood changes according to what colour I wear on that particular day..Colours bring out the best in me. Colours makes me confident and make up my just makes me comfy. It's true! I don't deny that.

Blue and Pink
(Simply Lovely)

See blue and pink? They do look lovely together. Just simple and sweet as they are... That's my favourite colours! 


Red is the symbol of confident. Striking and confident..
Red is exclusive

However...I'm not strictly constricted to my favourite colours only.
I can still like other Yellow, Purple...and etc.
As long as I am comfortable with them. :)

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